Poultry complex

Main Mission:
Vertical integrated organization of a poultry complex which will produce through ecological technology poultry meat, eggs and chickens for the population.

Operational Capabilities:
The poultry complex is expected to produce 4920 tons of poultry meat per year, 2040 tons of turkey meat per year, 64 000 000 eggs per year and 250 000 live birds per year. In addition, investments will produce 9,000 tons of organic feed per year and 3100 tons of vegetable oil per year.

All production obtained will be BIO certified.

By fermenting the raw material required to produce bio feed, auxiliary production products like bioethanol is obtained.
All waste will be transformed through the thermal-chemical conversion facility into alternative energy will be obtained: thermal - 34 560 MW / year and electric - 17 280 MW / year.

Social Impact:
The project assures the opening of more than 170 jobs with higher wages than the average for the economy.

Project General Information:
The start-up deadline for achieving design capability from the start of funding is up to 18 months.

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