A Fleet of Tugboats & Barges

The leading line of the company is PREVENT INSTEAD OF CURE

The company is established to upgrade the safety and efficiency and environmental protection of the Romanian port. The fleet is designed to serve the Romanian ports and the European inland water ways.

Safety – A SALVAGE fire fighting FIFI1 class tug, DPII with 6000HP ASD developing 80 TBP will be built under a special design in correspondence with the prevailing conditions in the trade area.

The tug will be built with Oil recovery tank, large deck area and a crane to handle oil skimmers and booms for spill recovery. The Bow and the buttop area will be reinforced to ICE class standard.

Tanker ship handling - With same attitude 2 X 4400HP ASD tugs fitted with FIFI1 developing 60 TBP will be designed suitable for Terminal work and SPM assistance. The Buttop shell plates will have an increased thickness with 50% to face the ICE during winter time.

Container terminal – 2 X 3600HP developing 50 TBP ASD tugs fitted with FIFI1 designed to assist large container vessels. The Buttop shell plates will have an increased thickness with 50% to face the ICE during winter time.

Barges seagoing & inland waters – One deck barge of 5500 ton DWT 100 meter long by 23 meter wide

(Black sea channel size).Fleet of 10 X multipurpose barges 7000-10,000 ton DWT with capability to carry Cereals in Bulk, Containers and project cargoes (Staking load 10 ton/sqm).

A fleet of 16 tugboats - multipurpose shallow water out of which 7 X 1000HP developing 15 TBP + 9 X 2000HP developing 28 TBP will be designed to serve the following:

  1. Line runners for SPM mooring.
  2. Maneuvering barges.
  3. Towing assistance for ship mooring.
  4. Barge pushing on the inland water ways all over Europe.
  5. Hydrographic works.
  6. SPM hose handling.

Those tugs will have the following purpose designed equipment:

  1. Tagger winches to make fast the barges on the tug bow and to assist during SPM hose handling and mooring of large tankers.
  2. Shell plating at the buttop area reinforced to ICE class standard.
  3. Some will have deck crane to assist in supply stores to ships and hose handling at the SPM.
  4. All tugs will have pilot class and provided with the proper equipment to board pilots safely on ships.

The fleet will be R.I.Na classed (member of IACS).
Engines will be IMO II emission control corresponding to the new air pollution atmospheric emission regulations.
The mini tugs fleet will be designed with a push bow and classed for inland water ways navigation as well as for sea going. An inland water way special radar to be fitted.
Accommodation in compliance with EC requirements.