FVD Global House SA has been established in 1997 in Otelu-Rosu city, Caras-Severin county, Romania, by Mr. Francisc von Dokonal and a group of persons of various ages and professions such as: professors, architects, engineers, economists, businessmen. They joined us and stood by us and our ideas, plans and aims even through some challenging times and we thank all of them for their support. One year later, in 1998, the company received a national registration number. Therefore, it is known that the company was set up in 1998.

Throughout the time, the activity of the company has been driven by the following goals and aims:

  • transfer new technologies to Romania,
  • support and promote any pertinent activity and plan,
  • identify and use any financial resource that can contribute to improving the quality of life for Youth

The name of the company changed several times. Initially, the company name was: “Grupul pentru Investitii si Dezvoltare Imobiliara” SA. Because it was quite difficult to be translated, it was changed to GIDI SA. Later, taking into consideration several factors such as the evolution of the business environment we were part of and the international and national legal terms, the name of the company changed to FVD Qualified Intermediary SA.

Beginning 2016, the company changed its name to FVD Global House SA.

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