About us:

FVD GLOBAL HOUSE SA is a private, family-owned company with a flexible mandate to invest in a broad range of assets on a global level. Francisc von DOKONAL is the beneficial owner with a share of 80%, Mihaela von DOKONAL owns 10% and Paul von DOKONAL owns 10%.

The goal of the company is to yield returns consistent with venture capital investments, while balancing risk profiles to protect principal capital. FVD GLOBAL HOUSE SA is industry and geography agnostic but will specifically seek out investments in innovation with a disciplined approach to find disruptive technologies coupled with superior operations teams.

FVD GLOBAL HOUSE SA builds a diversified alternative investment platform to identify direct and co-investment opportunities, through appropriate vehicles and financing structures.

Our approach:
Relationships are at the heart of our business. Expertise is at the head.
Before we invest in anything, we invest in relationships.

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