FVD Principles

FVD people consider these principles in their daily work and actions:

We make a careful selection of our possible partners and business proposals.

We perform a comprehensive appraisal of any prospective business or party, as we consider it a very important initial step for establishing every business relationship.

We consider and comply with the international, regional and national laws, rules and treaties by providing and obtaining correct, complete and up-to-date information.

People are our greatest asset. We are open, inclusive and treat everyone fairly and with respect.

We provide transparent and clear information as legally required, and we demand the same from all our partners.

The company and its shareholders are equidistant towards any political or commercial influence or towards any governmental agency influence. We assume our decisions and their consequences.

Being a structure of companies that act globally, the places or countries where we establish business relationship are chosen by considering the most mutual convenient jurisdiction.

Social sustainability is also at the core of our actions, therefore our analyses, valuations and further our decisions are based on consumption demand and not inflation, on developing capacity and not Gross Domestic Income. Thus, a reinvestment rate of the profit will be defined as to be invested in the place or country where the profit is earned.

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