Plant Production C.S.S.

▪ The purpose of this report is to describe the processing plant and processing of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) undifferentiated (hereafter for brevity referred to as "waste") in order to obtain:
a) a secondary solid fuel, or a CSS, with features such as those laid down by Community law, suitable to be conveniently used for combustion or co-combustion in industrial combustion plants (power plants, cement plants, etc.) and/or in the gasification.

b) Electrical and thermal energy from the gasification of part of the CSS product. Part of the CSS is not used for energy recovery will be used at power stations in Romania.        The plant project is based on latest technology, experimentation and related  pre-industrial and industrial achievements (plants built in Italy in the municipality of Gallicano (Lucca) and in Massa - Carrara).

▪ It is based on actual experience gained in the industry, both in terms of plant, both in terms of management.

▪ In particular this concerns the gasification "HT single stage, which is the basis of the recovery process of the calorific content of waste fractions, which are likely to enhance efficiency (biodegradable or not), in order to produce electricity and heat.
This project is based on studies and experiments pre-industrial, patented, that have given a great impetus to the development of this technology applied to waste.

▪ In particular, certain technological innovations and industrial applications, have:
A) resolved the issues raised in previous pre-industrial and industrial experience;
B) made economic investment, inexpensive operation, fully automatic processing and extremely reliable operation. All through:

  ✔ The development of a solid fuel "CSS" (similar solid fuels Quality), through the use of wet and dry fraction of MSW, as well as, any non-hazardous waste, with stable specifications and nearly devoid of major pollutants (metals, plastics, chlorinated and non-fuel shares) with a high calorific value 4000-5000 kcal / kg, very important fact:
a) for the presence of any pollutants:
- In the syngas product
- In the fumes of burning syngas that
- In the ashes to be classified as special waste in all respects and can be easily reused in cement;
b) For the purpose of resolving safety issues in the cleaning of the combustion fumes.
  ✔ The development of a gasogene with constant production;
  ✔ The development of technological innovations and industrial applications, which made the process completely automatic and very reliable operation, with electrical energy efficiency in line with the regional energy plans.

▪ The plant is illustrated in the follow up, is able to guarantee, at the expected potential (about 550 / 600 Ton / day):
        ✔  the production of a CSS (Solid Fuel Secondary), of high quality;
        ✔  the production of electricity and heat for the production needs and for sale.

▪ It’s a CSS, in varying degrees (Fluff, thickened, or pellets), with the specific gravity required by the various users (from 0.25 to 1.2 Kg / DCM), in relation to the needs of its use (power plants, cement plants, distilleries, gasification, etc.)..

▪ It’s a CSS almost devoid of aggregate, heavy plastic (PVC) and other materials and / or undesirable metals with a humidity of 10-12% and even lower if needed.
These circumstances allow the finished product using a low cost.
In this case, according to the instructions of the Purchaser there is a partial re-use of CSS produced at one or more power stations in Romania.