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For the first time in the world we can achieve a reduction in the cost of protein production to feed humans and animals by hundreds of percentages while preserving the environment and natural values.

• Cheapest Electricity in US for a Data Center • Lowest PUE of any Data Center in US: under 1.1 • Extremely safe site • Extremely “Green” • Very good connectivity

Chisinau Wholesale Market is a multifunctional logistics complex including objects of commerce, production, storage, adminisrative and socio-cultural service.

Main Mission: Vertical integrated organization of a poultry complex which will produce through ecological technology poultry meat, eggs and chickens for the population.

The purpose of this report is to describe the processing plant and processing of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) undifferentiated (hereafter for brevity referred to as "waste") in order to obtain:

A fleet of 16 tugboats - multipurpose shallow water out of which 7 X 1000HP developing 15 TBP + 9 X 2000HP developing 28 TBP will be designed to serve the following:

Way24.TV is the communication platform of the World Assembly of Youth named WAY.

FVD Group is working closely with Gulfstream on the purchase of a mixed fleet of 13 aircrafts for the FVD Executive division.

Main Mission: Emergency regional aerial firefighting operations covering any zone from Portugal, Central and South-Eastern Europe up to Israel and Middle East countries using civil modified aircraft FAA and EASA approved.

In the near future, FVD Global House SA wishes to engage into oil and gas commercial operations.

Because the youth is the foremost topic, it is a pleasure to present here, our collaboration with World Assembly of Youth (WAY). As such, Francisc von DOKONAL has been appointed as International Consultant of WAY. The next step was setting forth the protocols and to elaborate ‘‘This is our WAY!’’ as Guidance Principles.