Detroit City

In the awe of the explosion of technologies and the need for green and economic cars that would be better than the current cars on the market, we plan on building an auto factory in Romania.

The cars we want to manufacture are electric, hydrogen-based and hybrid: electric and hydrogen, and the production will be of 200 000 units per year.

However, the entire project will include a formula 1 circuit, very useful for the car testing as well as for the well-known Formula 1 Circuit, allowing us to include Romania on the auto map.

Our team is extremely professional, with former heads from Lotus, Dyson, Aston Martin and Jaguar. They have a wide experience in the auto industry, and are viewed as great professionals, respected in their line of field.

This project will be constructed as a city per se on 800ha land, with the auto factory and housing for the employees. We also consider including a car parts factory and a battery factory.

We have already engaged with Lotus and Williams, and visited their factories in the UK. They expressed their full support into a long-term collaboration with us for creating our electric car. Even more, acting as our OEM, we can leverage their experience into the auto field and use their technologies and components.


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