THIS IS OUR WAY - Towards decent living conditions

Because the youth is the foremost topic, it is a pleasure to present here, our collaboration with World Assembly of Youth (WAY).
As such, Francisc von DOKONAL has been appointed as International Consultant of WAY.

The next step was to set forth the protocols and to elaborate “This is our WAY” as Guidance Principles.

Nowadays the youth communicates freely without barriers or discrimination of any kind. At the same time, technologies have evolved much faster than people, which is why I believe it is imperative to prepare the current generation of young people for future challenges. The phrase "youth is the future" begins to sound obsolete and inappropriate in relation to the new developments of mankind, and therefore, it is necessary to start with a new way of thinking and consider "youth as the present and needs support now for to have a future".

With that in mind, 20 years ago I started working on the concept named “THIS IS OUR WAY”, a concept that I wish to implement in collaboration with the World Assembly of Youth.
This concept is intended to improve the way people think, especially young people, giving hope for the future.



Note: The projects considered herein have different phases of development, meaning some are in negotiation, and others are much more advanced.

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